Candy Boy – Episode 1

Finally it’s time for my fourth and final series for the Spring: Candy Boy. Despite it’s name, this series appears to have nary a male in it. Instead, this series, which is being released on Nico-Nico, suggests that it may be is a yuri series. Between fraternal twin sisters. Mmmm. Potential yuri twincest.

In any case, I’m not sure how often this series is airing. Apparently not weekly as this episode was released 11 days ago, and episode 2 has yet to appear. Don’t tell me this is going to be a monthly thing…

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  • Kana gets ready for school, but Yuki, who is still in bed, unconsciously invites her back into bed, an offer which Kana accepts, resulting in the two being late to class.
  • Meanwhile, another girl who attends their school, Sakuya, is enraptured to take (and receive) pictures of Kana, due to her quite obvious girl-crush on Kana. However, due to her enraptured nature, she ends up missing the train, being left by herself at the station.
  • At school, Sakuya demands that Kana repay her for leaving her behind at the station for going on a date with her that weekend. Kana tries to refuse, and asks for Yuki’s help, but instead of helping Kana, Yuki shares some pics of Kana with Sakuya.
  • A few days later, it’s raining when school lets out, but Kana can’t find her umbrella and realizes that she must have used it the previous week and had forgotten. She goes around trying to borrow an umbrella from someone, but without success. Sakuya invites Kana to go home with her, since it’s nearby, but Kana refuses. Finally, Yuki arrives after swimming practice, and they share an umbrella on the way home.
  • Back at her house, Sakuya reveals that she’s somehow gotten her hands on Kana’s umbrella, though her plan to have her come home with her as a result didn’t work.

Well, I’m not sure there is a lot new in this episode than the ONA released last year, except that Sakuya’s crush on Kana appears to already be established in this episode.  However, otherwise it just seems to be showing what Kana and Yuki’s relationship is again. I guess we do learn that Sakuya and Yuki are both on the swim team together and Sakuya seems like the persistent type.

It’s be nice if this had a little bit of a plot, though I guess it’s hard to tell that after just one episode.


5 thoughts on “Candy Boy – Episode 1

  1. I think Sakuya is a borderline stalker or IS a stalker. Why wont the three of them get on a threesome, that should resolve everything.

    Its good for the viewers too.

    Btw, how long is it?

  2. Lol, good idea, and yes, she pretty much is a stalker.

    The FanSubWiki says it is 7 episodes, but as I said, I’m not sure how often they’re being released.

    Apparently they’re only online in like, 512xwhatever resolution, so fairly small too -_-

  3. I was wondering if it would be once a month after a new episode didn’t get released after a week.

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