Speed Racer only takes in $20.2 million

Speed RacerWell, Speed Racer ended up doing what I feared it would: it bombed.

OK, yeah, it finished in 2nd, but it only took in 40% of Iron Man which is in it’s second weekend, and even though it (barely) brought in more money than What Happens in Vegas, at least based on the estimates, it took in less money per theater.

And next weekend we get Narnia (followed by Indiana Jones the following weekend), so don’t expect any sort of rebound either.  That’s a pretty bad opening for a movie that cost $120 million or whatever to make.

Looking at movies with similar openings last year, Speed Racer will probably hit $50 million (for example, 1408 opened at $20.6 million and finished with $72 – though it only cost $25 million to make, while Halloween 2007 brought in $26.4 million on it’s opening but totaled only $58 million), but I’m sure they would have liked that as an opening weekend, not as a total domestic haul.


5 thoughts on “Speed Racer only takes in $20.2 million

  1. I want to see this but it is the exam season now… I just can’t make it to a cinema…. these results are somewhat surprising though…

  2. Well, I’m wondering if it’s a combination of it being a racing movie – which typically don’t do well anyway – plus confusion of exactly who this is targeted for plus the fact that it’s teh animez.

    I mean, it seems that many of the people who have actually seen the movie have liked it (note how it’s gone from “so-so” to “go” on Fandango since it opened) – it’s just that not many people have seen it, with a large number of people basically writing it off without giving it a chance.

    One thing that I tend to notice in movies, though, is that weird ideas tend to be OK – if they’re presented “realistically.”

    I mean, most of the comic book movies are obviously ridiculous if you think about their premises, but a lot of them seem to do fine.

    Meanwhile you have movies like Sky Captain and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen which not only have odd premises but are done in an unusual style and guess what – they both bombed.

    I’m just wondering if the weird visual style was just too weird for people. And the fact that the genre hasn’t done as well in the past anyway, as I noted before.

    I’ve also noticed that it’s largely been ignored by summer movie previewers, who tend to favor Iron Man, Narnia, Indiana Jones, and Batman.

    In any case, WB has to be bashing their head trying to figure out what people want to see, as their last big movie, 10,000 BC only opened with about $35 million.

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