Maid Guy – Episode 04

It’s time for Maid Guy Episode 4 and it’s also time for the mysterious transfer student who has a fetish for Naeka’s panties and who has a battle maid of her own and who wants to challenge Naeka at kendo. Also, what is the transfer student’s secret weapon to use against Naeka?

But don’t forget this report from Skirt One to Skirt Leader: Maid Guy Eyes has seen everything about you.

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  • A trio of camouflaged men infiltrate Naeka’s yard in order to steal her underwear, but Kogarashi shows up and stops them. After being tied up, they tell Naeka and the others that they are the “Purple Lovers” – serial underwear thieves, though they reveal that they’re actually after Fubuki’s.
  • Angry after being told that her underwear would “only fetch $700,” Naeka tries to smack one of the guys with her kendo stick, but he stops it with his feet and another blocks Kousuke and Fubuki, allowing the third to grab the panties and split.
  • Fubuki calls for Kogarashi, who had gone inside to call the police, and he chases the man. However, the man is first defeated by a blond haired girl, who takes the underwear for herself.
  • The next day Kogarashi starts to investigate by hypnotizes a truck driver who drove by the night before so that he can tell Kogarashi what he saw. He tells him that, besides the underwear thief and Kogarashi, he saw a girl with a green skirt and strawberry print underwear go by.
  • At school, the girl, named Elizabeth K. Strawberryfield, transfers into Naeka’s class. Liz starts telling Naeka how she was amazed by how she defeated one opponent after the other at the last kendo tournament, and Naeka starts fearing that this is another confession by another female. However, it turns out that Liz is there to challenge Naeka at kendo instead of to admire her for it (and she tosses on top that she hates “large useless things” like Naeka’s boobs).
  • To try to find the culprit, Kogarashi starts stealing the underwear form all the girls at school to find the one wearing strawberry-print panties. Once Fubuki sees what Kogarashi is doing, she presses the phone self-destruct button, blowing up the phone Kogarashi is talking to her with.
  • After school, Naeka goes to the dojo where Liz is waiting for her. Naeka refuses at first, but Liz shows Naeka that she has revealing photos of her, and she’ll hand them over to the male kendo club if she doesn’t fight. Kogarashi notices what’s going on, but before he can do anything. Liz’s battle maid shows up.
  • In round 1 of 3 in Naeka and Liz’s kendo match, Liz passes out due to the mask Naeka lent her which hadn’t been washed in three years and Naeka easily gets a hit. In round 2, Liz tosses underwear pics of Naeka in the air to distract Naeka and Liz gets a hit on her.
  • Meanwhile, Maid Guy follows Liz’s maid to the roof of the school and eventually finds her in a closet there. He steals her underwear as well and sees that it isn’t strawberry, and then leaves to go back to the dojo.
  • Back at the dojo, Naeka and Liz are in a fierce fight, but Liz tries to distract Naeka again, this time by tossing her stolen panties. However, Kogarashi calls in crows to retrieve Naeka’s underwear. However, this also results in them violating Liz, who is still hiding more stolen ones, as well as them trying to take off the ones Naeka is currently wearing.
  • Kogarashi then tries to confirm if Liz is the girl he is looking for, but just as he steals her underwear, Fubuki blows up Kogarashi’s phone again, charring Liz’s panties to the point that Kogarashi can’t tell what’s on them.
  • Back at their house, Naeka, Fubuki, and Kogarashi notice that Naeka is missing one pair of panties. Kousuke then comes home, incidentally with $700 worth of ero and doujin games.

While the story of this show is hardly anything to speak about, the things they keep having Kogarashi do almost makes this show worthwhile to watch. I like how he’s able to steal panties so quickly that girls don’t notice (though, wouldn’t they figure it out soon enough? Isn’t it a little breezy in here?). We also see Maid Guy hypnosis and copious amount of “Maid Guy Eye.” I also liked Liz’s “Nutcracker Fleuret” move as well.

The amount of strawberry-print panty flashing is a little much, but I guess it’s not too bad. There is something disconcerting about Kousuke selling his sister’s panties for $700, however lol.

I guess the main new thing in this episode, other than Liz and her maid showing up, is that Maid Guy has started harassing other females other than Nakea – especially Fubuki and Liz’s maid, though at least Fubuki is able to fight back, which makes it that much better.

Again, this isn’t a great series, but at least it’s entertaining.