Nijuu Mensou no Musume – Episode 03

It’s Episode 3 of Nijuu Mensou no Musume, and Chiko, Twenty Faces, and the gang are going on a little ride on a submarine this episode. However, the sub crew turns on Twenty Faces after he finds some treasure, but he has his own trump card: Chiko.

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  • At Twenty Faces’ new headquarters, Chiko has been tapped to do most of the chores, such as cooking and sewing, but is still happy to help out in any way she can.
  • Meanwhile, Twenty Faces is looking over a diagram of a large plane, and then throws the diagram in the fire when he’s done. He also has Chiko make special riceballs which are completely wrapped in seaweed and, after approving of them, allows Ken and his friends to eat them.
  • Twenty Faces executes his next heist: a set of noble crowns in an old French castle, which he does successfully despite sending another “advanced warning,” and leaves the crown in an old church “where they belong.”
  • Chiko’s aunt, in the meantime, hires a private investigator to try to find Chiko.
  • Later, Chiko runs to meet Twenty Faces next to the ocean while carrying a picnic basket when a sub surfaces next to them. The sailors pat down Twenty Faces’ men, but leave Chiko alone after seeing that the basket only has the seaweed-wrapped rice balls in it.
  • The sub submerges and sails until it finds what Twenty Faces is looking for: the large plane whose design he was looking at earlier, which had crashed and sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Skipper gets ready to dive to the plane, even though the sub captain thinks they’re too deep.
  • Soon Skipper comes back with two boxes from the plane, and the sub captain and crewmen hold up Twenty Faces and his men, planning to take all of whatever they found.
  • Suddenly, the plane explodes, rocking the sub, and allowing Twenty Faces’ men to take the sub crew’s firearms. The captain tells Twenty Faces that he still won’t get away, since he has plenty of crewmen left, but Twenty Faces tells him that they’ve planted explosives all around the sub, disguised as the rice balls. Chiko then darkly tells the captain that he should have inspected her when he had the chance.
  • Despite all this, they give half the gold to the captain, which Ken complains about, but Twenty Faces remarks that it’s a good thing they did, without explanation.

Another good episode, I thought, and one where Chiko finally gets to see a little action.

I LOVED her “you should have checked me out, sucker!” line at the end, especially since her expression changed from normal cute Chiko to semi-evil looking Chiko. It may be the best scene in the series so far.

I still think there is a lot to be uncovered and explained in Twenty Faces’ motivations, though. I’m guessing they blew up the plane because they feared that someone may try to discover and copy it – much like how he had no qualms, and was even relieved when the big tank got destroyed.

However, his explanation about how it was a “good thing” that they gave half the gold to the sailors seems a little odd, as I haven’t really seen an explanation for it. Twenty Faces seems to have a thing of returning the riches he steels to whomever they rightly belong to, but I’m not sure if that’s an explanation for the gold. Maybe we’ll find out in a later episode.

We also appear to see the black-haired woman which seems to team up with Chiko on the basis of the opening the ending credits in this episode, though only briefly. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of her. All we need is an intro to girl #3 now.

I also feel that something bad is going to happen to this private detective, as he seems totally incompetent anyway, much less when it comes the job of trying to track Twenty Faces.

I guess the rest of my thoughts I’ve already talked about in past episodes, and I’m not sure there is necessarily a reason to rehash them again. I just keep looking forward to what will happen next in this series.


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  1. This anime is old fashion. I kinda, like it. hehe.

    btw, do you intend to put a “nudey pix” caption in this series.

    I hope you do. thanks. hehe. :P

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