Well wasn't that nice…

Well, so I upgraded to WordPress 2.5.1 last night (or attempted to). On my first attempt, my uploads were taking so painfully long (I think it took something like 2 to 3 hours. Not sure what the issue was) that I decided to stick a DVD into the computer and watch it in bed, and ended up zonking out.

That resulted in my getting up and being faced with a nice PHP error on my webpage. So I re-download the update, re-upload it (only took about 5 minutes this time!) and at least I’m not getting PHP errors anymore. However, I did notice that had to go in and fix some things that I had fixed before:

  1. The gallery stylesheets. Why in the world do they embed them in the middle of the page? Not only is it bad coding, but I have to go into the wp-includes/media.php file and take them out so they don’t overwrite MY styles for the gallery.
  2. Change the gallery defaults to 0 columns (so it won’t stick in dumb code to force column size) and image size (switching from tumbnail to medium)
  3. Changed max attachment width (on the attachment pages when you click on an image) from 500 to 900.
  4. Well, it seems they’ve (sort-of) fixed the order-by problem (my mac uploads images out of order, so I typically have to order them by post_name first – as that’s the filename), but now when I do orderbyid=”post_name”, instead of doing it in order, it’s now doing it in reverse order. That required going in and editing all of my posts where I used orderby=”post_name” (thanks guys!). Why they assume that the default order should be descending, I have no clue.
    • On a side note, I had to fix a few things there which hopefully have been fixed since. That includes doing things so I could even upload multiple images on my mac, and then having to go in and change WP’s query so that orderby actually worked.
  5. All of my galleries suddenly had a scrollbar at the bottom which I hadn’t seen before.  This was caused by one thing in my CSS, but I’m not sure why it was there now and not before.
  6. As for whether it’s fixed so the mac actually uploads files in the right order – well, we’ll see when I do that next time I guess.

I can at least live with the first 3, given that those were changes to pages who were uploaded, but #1 is just plain dumb, and all 3 should probably be settable in the admin area.  I don’t want to go in and change actual php files every time there is an upgrade, just because I want to do things differently than the default, and with the 2nd point, I don’t want to have to remember putting in the same gallery attributes every damn time I add one when I do them all the same way.  Let me set the default so I don’t have to worry about it.

At least I don’t feel as bad, as someone else was down a better part of yesterday as well (though for different reasons).

While I’m at it, I’d still like the categories to be on the sidebar next to the post box (ideally above “Related” – and why is that there anyway?).  It’s kind of annoying to have to scroll halfway down the page to set the categories, and the box is rather…short as it is (one can only see 6 categories at a time).

In any case, that’s my raging rampage for the day.


4 thoughts on “Well wasn't that nice…

  1. Interesting that you had problems with the 2.5.1 upgrade. I did two blogs with no problems in under 5 minutes. 2-3 hours to upload WP is crazy!

    I agree about the write screen. The Related menu is redundant, since those options are all at the top. I miss the categories on the side.

  2. Yeah, I’m wondering if it was an issue with my host last night or something. My mac has always been slow to upload to it for some reason (and I’ve tried numerous programs) but nothing like that. I’ve uploaded images for a post while also seeding torrents before and it hasn’t taken that long lol. It could have been the sheer number of files too. It seemed fine this morning, though. *shrugs*

    Most of the other stuff seems like new features which they just haven’t totally finished implementing yet (ie allowing people ad admin them through wp-admin yet). Or at least I hope so.

    Unfortunately, the image uploader still uploads in seemingly random order on the mac (I don’t know if it’s truly random or if SOMETHING is dictating what order to upload them in – I haven’t figured out what, though). I’ve decided to submit a ticket on that since I didn’t already see one and it’s annoying.

  3. It’ll be more interesting if this site would garner more comments. But it seems, there’s only a few, hehehe. Keep it up with your blog, joshy-boy. :)

  4. Speaking of comments, no one knows of how to look to see how many comments have been posted on 2.5 do they? other than peeking at the database that is.

    That seems to be one significant dashboard oversight. I know how many spam comments I’ve gotten, but not non-spam comments. How does that work? lol

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