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One point or another in the past, I think I remarked (or maybe not) how I was thinking of making an AMV of my own. Well, that plan kind of got sidetracked due to my taking a distance class (and thus having school work) as well as the fact that I really didn’t have any program to do it with.

Well, that now appears to have changed. I’m in my last week of class before summer break, while my brand new computer at work came with Mac OS X 10.5 and iMovie and it now looks like I may be able to actually start working on the project (I guess I’ll be staying over at work a little more often).

I went through the first episode of the series I wanted to use, and on the first pass ended up grabbing over 9 minutes of footage (which would give me enough footage to make a feature film instead of an AMV if I grabbed that much from each episode), so I obviously need to cut that down, though I figure I just as well grab everything I might use on the first pass, then start cutting it down from there.

In any case, this will definitely be a learning experience (and given it would be my first AMV, don’t expect something spectacular lol).  I just think that iMovie is a pretty sweet piece of software, at least from what I’ve used so far.


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