Special A – Episode 02

It’s Episode 2 of Special A and Kei and Hikari are challenged by the Student Council to a pro wrestling match. Of course, the student council won’t actually be fighting – they’ve hired some real pro wrestlers, and are engaged in some dirty tricks. All this leads to Kei pressuring Hikari not to fight.

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  • Hikari arrives at school and goes to check to see where she ranks in the class after exams and, of course, ranks #2 behind Kei. This causes Hikari to start spending her time in school actually doing things like studying and reading books.
  • One day the Student Council President Hajime Takei and his buddies up and challenge the S.A. to a battle under the rule that if a Class A member can beat an S.A. member at a contest, they get to join the S.A., and Hikari agrees to battle, along with a reluctant Kei.
  • It is finally agreed that it will be a pro wrestling contest, and Kei and Hikari will battle the Fankyu Brothers – two pro wrestlers hired by the Student Council. However, even then Takei isn’t optimistic and starts executing dirty tricks in an attempt to injure Hikari and Kei, but fail.
  • However, this causes Kei to urge Hikari to not fight and for either Tadashi or Ryuu to take her place. Hikari refuses to drop out, so Kei tells her that she’ll be a burden to him if she fights, but she still insists on fighting.
  • On the day of the battle, the Student Council tricks Hikari and Kei and ends up handcuffing them together before the battle. In the battle, Kei tries to keep Hikari from fighting, going so far as setting her outside the ring and allowing himself to be pummeled by the opposing wrestlers.
  • This pisses off Hikari and she tells Kei that it makes her sad that he doesn’t seem to trust her. This appears to convince Kei to let her fight, snapping the cuffs, and the two proceed to quickly defeat the opposing wrestlers.

OK, whowever thought this was going to be a good episode should probably be dragged into the street and shot. I personally see three things wrong with this episode:

  1. It increasingly makes the premise of the S.A. silly, even by anime standards. I like how doing actual school work is the exception rather than the rule in the class, and the fact that there are special rules for “challenging” members of the S.A. to take their place. No wonder some people resent the S.A. It’s hardly making itself to be a sympathetic organization.
  2. The episode was either sappy, or the voice actress for Hikari couldn’t act, or both. It just seems like the scenes where Hikari is like “*blubber blubber* why are you being so mean?!” just don’t go off very well
  3. Kei. OK, I know his intentions are supposedly good, but he comes off as a pompous, sexist ass with him wanting to replace Hikari with a clearly inferior fighter merely because that person would be male.
  4. I think overall this episode took a considerable drop from the first episode. Also, jokes about Kei calling Hikari “Mrs. #2” are going to get old really fast, yet that seems to be where the bulk of the comedy is at right now.

    About the only worthwhile things this did was set up possible future battles between the S.A. and the Student Council, as well as cause me to realize that the voice actor for Tadashi is the same person who did Ikuto in Nagasarete Airantou, just because he does about the best flustered male and the best womanly male scream I’ve ever seen.

    Hopefully this series gets better, but we’ll see.