Death Note Theater List

OK, I know that you can download it as an excel file, but if you don’t have excel, or are too lazy, or are somewhere where you can’t/shouldn’t down load things, the full list is below the fold.

There is a total of 304 theaters in (if my count is right) 41 states. Hopefully there will be one near you!
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The Big Eyes of Anime

We’ve all heard about it: people complaining about the fact that most anime shows have characters with huge-ass eyes. This article is not about those eyes.

While I typically get annoyed by people who complain about those eyes, the Anime Punch apparently used a set of “eyes” that people may have a right to complain about:

An index card with an RFID transponder was attached to the backs of badges for each of the convention’s 1,337 paying attendees, as well as staffers and guests. Information about the location of each transponder, as well as the total number of transponders in certain rooms at any given time, was captured and stored on a central server. Attendees entering the convention’s dealers’ room had their badges scanned with a reader each time they walked into the room.

OK, I suppose that one should have little to no expectation of privacy when attending a con, and I suppose there is an argument that this gives cons important information about where people are actually spending their time.

But then again, whenever someone starts tracking your every movement for an entire weekend, it automatically comes with a certain level of creepiness. Though It seems that this convention at least had to scan your badge for it to register, so it wasn’t like they knew what Sarah and John were doing in the bathroom between attending panels, but it’s still kind of disconcerting in a way to me.

I suppose this is something we’re going to see more and more of in the future, though, whether we like it or not.