Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino – Episode 06

It’s (finally!) episode 6, and Padania continues to attempt to disrupt the construction of the Straight of Messina Bridge, this time by attempting to kidnap the chairwoman who heads the project. Also, Henrietta and Rico have their first fight.

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The highlights of this episode:

  • Pinocchio and company arrive at Franca’s winery, where the couple she’s left to take care of it call her Caterina (is that supposed to be Catalina?). She calls Christiano, who tells her that Padania is up to another kidnapping plot headed by a man named Nino.
  • Back at Agency headquarters, Henrietta plays the violin for Jose, Section 2’s director, the Agency’s director, and the chairwoman of the Straight of Messina Bridge project. The chairwoman tries to accept the fact that they’re turning children into cyborgs, but the Section 2 director tells her that because of their research, they’ve been able to greatly advance the ability to cure injuries and may one day allow the chairwoman to use her legs once again, as she’s a paraplegic.
  • Henrietta goes back to her room and plays with her kaleidoscope. Rico says she wants to look through it too, but ends up breaking it, which causes Henrietta to get mad at her. Jose brings the kaleidoscope to an antique repair shop with Henrietta to get it fixed, and who happens to be working there but Nino, though they don’t recognize each other as enemies.
  • Henrietta and Rico are assigned to protect the chairwoman, but Henrietta is still angry at Rico and won’t talk to her. As Henrietta walks the chairwoman out to her car, she remarks how she heard that Jose lost a loved one a long time ago, and it’s almost like one can see the hatred in him. However, Henrietta jumps to Jose’s defense.
  • That night, Franca finds Nino as he’s walking home and pulls him aside for a chat. Franca asks him if he wants to help them blow up the bridge, especially in revenge for Nino’s brother’s death (who was killed by the police), but Nino declines, saying that he doesn’t have the passion for making bombs anymore.
  • The next day, Nino is watching a camera that Padania has to monitor the chairwoman and spots Henrietta on it escorting her, but Nino is told that Henrietta is a relative of the chairwoman. However, Nino also spots the head of Section 2 and decides that security is too tight around the chairwoman now and decides to scrap the kidnapping plot. However, the rest of the Padania team assembled for the plot decide to execute it the next day without Nino.
  • At the chairwoman’s manor, Jose confronts and knocks out one of her bodyguards which is actually a Padania sleeper agent. The Padania agents get a tip supposedly from the sleeper agent and plan their attack, but it ends up being a trap set up by Jose, Jean, Rico, and Henrietta, who take out the terrorists pretty easily.
  • Afterwards, Nino meets up with Franca one last time and tells her that he’s stopped being an “activist,” and that she should figure out exactly who and what she is fighting for as well before she loses her inspiration like he has…

This was a pretty good episode, I thought, and is kind of what I think of when I think of Gunslinger Girls. We have girls being girls before picking up their guns and kicking terrorist ass (sometimes literally). Apparently word of the Social Welfare Agency using children hasn’t spread all throughout Padania yet, or else I would have thought that they would have been much more cautious over Henrietta.

Also, maybe it’s because I’m finally getting used to it, but the animation didn’t seem horrible this time, either.

In any case, this is the first episode in a while that I can remember where the girls really acted like, well, girls, with Henrietta playing with her kaleidoscope and getting mad at Rico for breaking it, and blowing Rico off until it gets fixed.

We did open a small door into Jose’s past, though, with the chairwoman saying that he had lost someone dear to him in the past. Would that be his sister? We’ve seen flashes of her before, but I don’t think we’ve ever really seen what ever happened to her. Hopefully this means we will learn that soon. Jose does seem to be more certain of what he’s doing in this season than he was in the first season it seems, though.

It still like’s we’re headed for a final confrontation with Pinocchio and Franco and Franca’s plot to blow up the bridge as the main plot line underpinning this season.

P.S. I still dig the opening theme to this series.

P.P.S., if you haven’t noticed by now, I’m still using the old format for the Fall and Winter seasons just to be consistent. I much prefer the way I’m doing things for the Spring season, but I’m a fan of consistency, which means that this, Next Season, and Shion will still go with how I had done them before.