Maid Guy – Episode 01

It’s the second series that I’m blogging this season: Kamen no Maid Guy, (or Masked Maid Guy). According to ANN this is a 12 episode series, which is what I was hoping it was going to be to fit into my planned blogging schedule. In any case, this series is supposed to be funny since it’s a maid guy and the fact that the guy is a big burly man who has no idea to treat the ladies. Hopefully it will end up being as funny as it looks like it can be.

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Maid Guy Opening

Here are thy Mad Guy opening screenshots:

This was kind of an odd opening. I didn’t even realize KOTOKO was singing it until I saw her name in the credits. I’ve kind of been disappointed in her recently. First Shana’s 2nd opening (though it wasn’t that it was a bad song – it just didn’t fit will with the show, though I did like her ending theme), and now this, which is just…weird. I guess it sort of fits, but it just sounds, well, weird (how many times have I said that?)