Reorganization Finished…8 Hours Later

Wow, I didn’t even know it took me that long. In any case, my massive blog category/tag reorganization is finally over. This meant going through all 740 posts of my blog and changing them so that they matched my new category and tagging system. Several posts were fine, but most needed to be changed.

Some of the changes I made include:

  • Only series that I’m blogging get their own category in the list. All other series use tags.
  • All categories and tags are done by franchise and not necessarily series. This means that, for example, ALL Shakugan no Shana posts are under the Shakugan no Shana category – including the 2nd series and the movie, and that both the Cowboy Bebop TV series and movie are both tagged as just “Cowboy Bebop.” There are a couple of exceptions, such as Rumbling Hearts, Akane Maniax, and Next Season all still being separate (at least for the time being).
  • All series review, podcast, and anime credits posts get tagged with the appropriate series
  • All posts not in the above 3 categories and which talk about particular series are put into one of the “Miscellaneous” categories (this name could change, but it’s what I’ve come up with for now).
    • Most posts will go into a category based on when the year when the show started airing.
    • If a post talks about multiple shows from multiple years, then it goes into the “various” category. About the only exception to this is if I’m talking about a series that started in one year but carried over to another year and also had series from the 2nd year in the post.
    • If a post talks about multiple shows all from the same year, it goes into that year’s category

This has had several side effects. The first of which is that the number of tags that I have jumped from around 20 to 127 (and counting) while the number of categories fell from over 60 to a mere 37.

The second affect was that the new categorize-by-year system eliminated the need for the “Anime in Japan” category, which I was only using because I didn’t have anything better. This resulted in Anime Reviews becoming a top-level category (which, since I’m trying to make them parallel, made Manga Reviews top-level as well).

As you can probably see, the tag list is in a dropdown under the category list. I thought it might make equal sense to put it under the list of Anime show categories, but the width of the dropdown made it so that I couldn’t put it on the right-most nav, thus why it is where it is.

I loathe to put the tag list above the main Category listing, but I may drop Recent Posts below the tag list, just so I can have the tag list a little higher on the page, but I haven’t decided on that yet.

In any case, I hope this makes things better and easier both for me to add content as well as for visitors to find content. The main thing that may still change are the headers (Will I still call anime series “anime series” since the list is more exclusive now? Will I still call the tag list “tag list”? etc.), but I’ll deal with that later


As you may have seen, I’ve moved my sidebar widgets around a little bit. I’ve split the “Miscellaneous” category out as a primary category and have listed it under the now “Blogged Series” category, with the tag list under that, so access to all anime series are now there together.

As a result, I’ve moved categories and recent posts over to the right sidebar to keep them near the front of the page, and to try to balance out the length of the two sidebars. I think pretty much everything else is the same as before.

Consider this to be Josh’s Anime Blog Version 5.1

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