Specialized License Plates

OK, so I got my thing in the mail yesterday saying that it’s about time that I renew my vehicle registration. This brought up a thought I had from a few months back: to get or not to get a specialized license plate.

First of all, I’m wondering if anyone else has done an anime-themed license plate before? It seems that several people here in Virginia have either done them or have plates which the same letter combos as some potential anime-themed ones.

Several potential anime-themed plates which I could get are available (mmm…”uguu” is available).

Of course, as the title of this post indicates – getting a plate like this is sort of a two-step process: deciding whether I want to put down an extra $10 to get a plate that virtually no one else will “get” and broadly announce my anime fanhood (thanks ESPN!). This is actually probably the biggest step, sadly enough. Of course the second step would be actually deciding on what plate to get. Also, I wouldn’t be the first to get a plate that absolutely no one else gets, I’m sure.

At least people in Baltimore will know what I’m there for when I go there for Otakon, heh.

In any case, would anyone else ever get an anime-themed license plate, and if so, what would you get?