Shakugan no Shana II – Episode 24 [END (or is it?)]

It’s the final episode, and Shana and Wilhelmina must try to stop the Bal Masqué from awakening their new artificial Denizen. Meanwhile, can Yuji last long enough to be able to recover the Midnight Lost Child?

Bua ha ha ha!
Shana's ready to fight So is Hecate

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The highlights of this episode:

  • The Bal Masqué continue their plan to awaken the Statue of Pride. Shana and Wilhelmina decide that their primary goal is to get the Midnight Lost Child back and Shana engages Hecate while Wilhelmina battles Sydonay. Meanwhile, Marchosias starts his healing spell with Margery, who is still crippled with injuries.
  • Soon, Shana and Wilhelmina realize that Hecate and Sydonay refuse to attack if doing so might damage the new denizen, and thus start using it as a shield against the Bal Masqué’s attacks as Shana switches to fight Sydonay and Wilhelmina faces off against Hecate.
  • Inside the Statue of Pride, Yuji gets up from his fall and sees Wilhelmina and assumes Shana is there, but can’t sense her, as the only thing he can sense is the Silver. Yuji starts making his way back up to where the Silver is, pursued by Domino guards. Yuji is able to fend them off, but realizes that he’s running out of power of existence. However, despite this he realizes that he’s not that afraid since he’s fighting to protect the things he cares about.
  • Outside the barrier, Yoshida contemplates using using the treasure that Pheles gave her if Shana can’t save Yuji. She almost uses it but then remembers how Shana told her to wait for them and that they’ll re-do their plan to force Yuji to choose between them and decides to hold off using it.
  • The Professor continues the plan by releasing the restraints on the Statue of Pride as the Bal Masqué and Flame Hazes continue to fight. Shana and Wilhelmina are able to blow a hole into the back of the Statue of Pride and Shana flies in to find Yuji and retrieve the Midnight Lost Child. Shana soon finds Yuji, but not before he’s already fading into and out of being transparent due to running out power of existence.
  • Hecate orders the Statue of Pride to stand, and it starts to stand up, shattering Hecate’s barrier and revealing itself to the real world, causing the people in the area to start to panic in the few seconds before a still-recovering Margery Daw can put up another Fuzetsu. The Professor then activates the Statue of Pride’s wings so that it may fly out of the Fuzetsu.
  • Shana and Yuji finally arrive where the Silver is, who is now holding a giant ax and ready to fight. Shana is able to stab the Silver, but he still continues to battle back. Meanwhile, we see that Hecate can at least see what the Silver sees and is possibly controlling it as well. Hecate then orders the Statue of Pride to stand up and start flapping it’s wings, causing all the glass in the area to break and fall. A bunch of glass is about to fall on Yoshida when Margery flies by and picks her up.
  • Yuji realizes that Shana needs to destroy the machine that connects the Midnight Lost Child inside of the Silver to the Statue of Pride. Hecate has the Silver fire on Yuji, but it misses, seemingly startling Hecate. Shana then flies up towards the Silver with her wings which causes the Silver to remember how Fumina – whose memories were implanted to be it’s “brain” – liked birds and starts to reach out it’s hand like it wants Shana – who it mistakes as a bird – to land on it. Shana takes advantage of this and destroys the machine. Meanwhile, Yuji charges the silver, stabbing it with Blutsauger and retrieving the Midnight Lost Child and putting it back into himself.
  • The destruction of the Statue of Pride causes the Bal Masqué to retreat, but not before Hecate confusingly sheds a few tears.
  • Afterwards, Shana and Yoshida retry their plan. Yuji walks around trying to decide who too choose. Finally, Shana sees someone and smiles widely with joy…

Hecate just realized this whole ABC thing was a prank
Grrr! Grrr!
Grrr! Grrr!
Shana's hot
Bye bye Yoshida? Awww Sydonay woves Hecate
The Silver well,
OMGWTFBBQ! It's Godzilla!
It's about time Marco go around to healing Margery My, what a large helmet plume you have
That was easy Margery elopes with Yoshida
Is having imagery of a Phoenix foretelling something?
WTF! This is what you get for using Fumina's brain
Give me my big blazing ball back There is still good in you. I've felt it.
Shana Wins!

Well that was an action packed episode as expected. The battle between Yuji and Shana and the Silver was perhaps shorter than expected, though I’ll address that a bit later. I’m not sure there is a lot to talk about specifically about this episode given that it was largely fighting, fighting, and more fighting before finally defeating the Statue of Pride, Yuji getting the Midnight Lost Child back, and Yuji presumably choosing to be with Shana (what a shock, I know).

Now, onto the Silver. I know people were calling the silver suit of armor the “Silver” in this episode, but I don’t really think it was the Silver. If it were, why would they need to create a “brain” for it using the experiences and emotions Fumina gathered? Also, it seemed that Hecate was either ordering, if not outright controlling it as well, which doesn’t make sense to me if the Silver had taken over the body. I think the body was using the Silver’s powers much like Yuji has been, but that it wasn’t the Silver itself. He, I believe, was still stuck in the Midnight Lost Child, which is back inside Yuji.

Of course, that results in the convenient fact that the situation has largely remained unchanged from before this incident.

As for whether there will be a 3rd season – I think the series would be fine if there wasn’t, but I think this season was left a lot more open than even the first season was and that we’re just begging for a 3rd season after this. I would almost be surprised if we didn’t get one, though it may still be a couple years before we get it again.

The reasons for this are, of course, the fact that we still haven’t resolve a whole bunch: the Bal Masqué (and Sabrac) are still out there. Johan and, presumably, the Silver are still inside Yuji. What about Yoshida and her treasure? What about Satou and his wish to work at Outlaw? Etc. Etc. If we do have a 3rd season, though, I still wouldn’t be surprised if Hecate started to turn. I thought that when she started showing some emotion after absorbing Fumina, and the fact that she showed some again at the end of this episode just reaffirms that belief.

Overall, I’d have to say that Shana made an amazing turnaround, going from a “what could have been” show early on with the angst-angst-angst episodes to perhaps being the best show to come out of the Fall/Winter (mostly Winter) that I’ve seen. It basically started really going at the halfway point and never really let up, with us being hit up by Pheles, Sabrac, and the Bal Masqué all one after another. It really was a wild ride.

2 thoughts on “Shakugan no Shana II – Episode 24 [END (or is it?)]

  1. Yeah, Shana II definitely picked up after its slow start, but I’d be tentative about calling it the best fall show.

    Maybe for action, but I’m a large fan of visual novel conversions (Clannad / KimiKiss / H2O / etc.) so I can’t give it such a label.

    One thing that frustrated me about Shana II is that, while the fight scenes were exciting in the second half of the season, very little got accomplished in the show. None of the bad guys – not even Sabrac – were killed, Yuuji didn’t really resolve things in the love triangle (not until the very end, and dubiously so) … most of it really is, like you said, setup for hopefully a 3rd season. Too many loose ends that were never picked up.

    Still, I’d look forward to a third season, so that must say something good about Shana II.

  2. didn’t see KimiKiss, and I was less than impressed with H2O.

    I was pondering whether I liked this better than CLANNAD and, as of where the series is right now, I’d say I’d like Shana better than CLANNAD, though CLANNAD may turn out being better once they air After Story

    >>One thing that frustrated me about Shana II is that, while the fight scenes were exciting in the second half of the season, very little got accomplished in the show.<<

    One of the ways I’m looking at this series, in anticipation of a 3rd season, is kind of like “The Empire Strikes Back” in the Star Wars trilogy. Did the main central plot get resolved? No. Did we move some chess pieces around to get us closer to the end? Yeah.

    Now, if they suddenly said they weren’t going to do a third season, then yes, this show suffered several problems with loose ends, but I’m going of the assumption that we’re going to get more at this point.

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