Shakugan no Shana II – Episode 23

It’s episode 23, and Shana, Margery, and Wilhelmina try to find a way into Hecate’s barrier. Meanwhile, the Professor is executing his grandest plan yet.

I'm Screwed!
Hecate checks to make sure it's not time for her favorite TV show yet That sucks

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The highlights of this episode:

  • Hecate takes the Midnight Lost Child from Yuji as the Professor proclaims his brilliance as his experiment run at Seirei-den at the end of the last season allowed them to translocate this station and the Silver into Misaki City’s new clock tower, as well as the fact that a coordinate identification placed on the Midnight Lost Child by Sabrac before and a defensive and separation function that Fumina inserted into Pheles’ keeper allowed them to find and extract the Midnight Lost Child from Yuji. Hecate then transports the Midnight Lost Child into the Silver suit of armor, appearing to finally awaken the silver.
  • Shana does some kick-ass car jumping to arrive at Hecate’s barrier when Margery Daw arrives and casts a Fuzetsu over the area. Yoshida starts to run towards the area when the treasure that Pheles gave her starts to pulsate, which it does in conjunction with the pulsations of the Midnight Lost Child within the silver. Meanwhile, Shana, Margery, and Wilhelmina try to penetrate Hecate’s barrier, but with no success.
  • The Earth Card then attacks the city Hecate casts another spell, causing giant earthen spires to shoot out of the ground, which quickly turn into pillars made of power of existence, which bend in towards the clock tower. The Silver then responds, causing the entire clock tower to twist in on itself.
  • Yoshida finally arrives to where the Flame Hazes are and tells them that Yuji had the Midnight Lost Child extracted out of him. Asking how she knows this, she says that Johan told her through the treasure that Pheles gave her. Alastor notes that Yuji won’t be able to recover his power of existence without the Midnight Lost Child, though the amount he holds is rather large so it still should be a while before he runs out.
  • Margery asks Satou, who is at the map, to tell her what the barrier looks like, and he tells her that it looks like a whirlpool. Margery asks if there is any place that looks like the center or an entrance. He finds what appears to be the center near the top of the bubble, and the Flame Hazes head towards it.
  • Meanwhile, Seeing that no one has come to his aid yet, Yuji decides to try to take things into his own hands and enters the twisted clock tower but is soon met by guard Dominoes. Yuji disposes of a few away with his (still silver) blasts.
  • The trio find the hole, but they realize that the chance of being ambushed is pretty high as it’s such an obvious entrance. Nevertheless, Margery decides to go in first to make a way for the other two. Unfortunately, Sydonay is there waiting for them, and smacks Margery against the inside wall of the barrier, sending her to the ground in a bloody mess. As Margery looses consciousness, her Fuzetsu over the city fades as well.
  • The Professor then arrives and Alastor remarks how he keeps doing nonsense. However, the professor explains that much of the power of existence created by the experiment at Seirei-den was sealed away by Bel Peol and is now being used to power his latest experiment. Also, the faux vessel Fumina was sent to collect emotions. As a result, the Taimei Shihen, which is powered by power of existence, uses Fumina’s collected emotions as it’s brain, and contains the Midnight Lost Child, will be created.
  • After the Professor finishes his explanation, Sydonay and Hecate engage Shana and Wilhelmina while Yuji attempts to make his way to where the Midnight Lost Child is, chopping away more guard Dominoes with Blutsauger. However, Yuji gets it stuck in a beam, and then falls down into the tower…

It's Dooooominoooooooo!
The Professor starts his experiment Silver time
Boot up That looks bad...
Stop standing there looking stunned and do something
Obi-wan Kenobi. You're our only hope This looks like something from Evangelion or something
Hecate Let's do this
Does this mean I lose?
Yuji tries to find his battery Domino says no
Grrrr! Shana's ready to go
Margery does her thing
Why hello there Shana vs. Sydonay
Margery's fate? It's you guys AGAIN?
I'm glad I trained to use this

Well, this was a rather action packed and informative episode, with the Professor basically explaining everything so far – why Sabrac inserted an insignia into the Midnight Lost Child. What Fumina inserted into Yuji, etc. My only problem with this scenario is that the events at the end of the first series seemed to be part of this plan, even though that clearly wasn’t evident at the time, unless Bel Peol sealed away much of the power of existence after it was clear that the plan at the time failed. I also didn’t really get the “emotions as brains” thing, but oh well.

There are also two curious things about Yuji: First, he keeps noting that something is sucking away his power. Now, I know they’re using the Midnight Lost Child, but that shouldn’t suck away the power of existence that is left inside of him. If something is sucking it away via the Midnight Lost Child, that suggests that they are still connected in some way. I also think there is still a connection via the fact that Yuji is still shooting silver flames, something which he supposedly was only able to do because the Silver was locked inside the Midnight Lost Child. Does this mean that Yuji would somehow be merged/connected to whatever new Denizen that they are trying to create?

Of course, perhaps one of the bigger questions left is: what happens to Margery. She was beaten up pretty bad, but can’t Marchosias do his thing and heal her, or are their powers somehow nullified inside the barrier (kind of like stigma? And speaking of that, I guess we’ll so no more of Sabrac?).

I think we’re definitely heading towards an ending much like the first series where, it can be an ending if no more is made of this series, but definitely leaves enough open for (yet) another season. I’m just anxious to see how this all ends.


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