Shakugan no Shana II – Episode 21

It’s episode 21, and the Flame Hazes continue their battle with Sabrac, but will his Stigma spell incapacitate them all first? Meanwhile, Yuji has a plan as to how to possibly defeat the seemingly indestructible Crimson Lord.

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The highlights of this episode:

  • Yuji climbs out of the sewer where Yoshida is tending to Shana. Yuji tells Yoshida to use some bandages that Wilhelmina gave him. Shana wants to join the fight once Yoshida is finished, but Yuji tells her to go see Margery first.
  • Wilhelmina is able to withstand Sabrac’s intended finishing blow, but is injured some more. Just as Sabrac is about to attack Wilhelmina once again, Shana arrives and blocks his attack. Sabrac tries to figure out how Shana isn’t incapacitated by Stigma. Suddenly, Wilhelmina casts a special unrestricted method developed by Johan to reverse the effects of Stigma on any would wrapped by Wilhelmina’s special bandages. This obviously makes Sabrac rather unhappy.
  • Yuji then contacts Wilhelmina and tells her about what he, Margery, and Shana came discussed: Yuji sensed Sabrac’s presence from the entirety of Misaki City, suggesting that he has essentially merged his power of existence with the city itself. This explains how Sabrac can amount the initial surprise attack and why he appears to be invincible when attacked since Sabrac is just refueling the fragment of himself that attacks his foes from the power that exists within the city itself. However, Yuji tells Wilhelmina that he has a plan to deal with this.
  • As Shana and Wilhelmina trade off battling Sabrac, Margery, with Yoshida and Satou’s help, starts to implement Yuji’s plan. We flashback to Yuji further explaining that Sabrac can only use his massive attack once since, even though his self is spread out over the city, his “brain” is in the fragment which attacks what’s left, and this fragment no longer has the ability to cast such a wide-area assault.
  • Margery finishes places insignias all over the city. These, when activated, starts to pull a large portion of the city out of the ground. This in turn reveals all the connections Sabrac has created with the city and starts to break them. Shana is about to tell Yuji something, but then flies off to attack Sabrac with a finishing blow, firing a giant fireball that destroys the remaining fragment of Sabrac, finally killing him (and also engulfing most of the city in flame).
  • The next day, with the city fixed, Chigusa finally gets over her fever. As Yoshida leaves Yuji’s house, he apologizes to her for what he told her before about not belonging on “her side.” Yuji also asks Shana what she was going to tell him before going off and defeating Sabrac, but she gets all flustered and runs off.

Well, that was certainly entertaining. My guess of some sort of power source ended up being correct, though the process Sabrac used was nothing short of brilliant, but it was even more brilliant how Yuji figured out what was going on and how to beat it. And what was pretty cool about this battle was that it literally took everyone to execute it – all three flame hazes, Yuji, Yoshida, and Satou.

One might ask why Wilhelmina didn’t use her special anti-Stigma thing before, but I’m pretty sure the reason was to try to heal everyone at once and/or to try to wear Sabrac down some and then basically rejuvenate themselves. In any case, all three Flame Hazes shined as well – Wilhelmina with her anti-Stigma spell and her ability to hang with Sabrac, Margery and her ability to pull off the unrestricted method necessary to implement Yuji’s plan, and Shana, who has clearly become that much more powerful in her attacks.

I’m trying to put into context where this pair of episodes would rank in all the episodes of anime I’ve seen, and I would have to think they would rank pretty high. These two episodes alone probably more than make up the sucky early part of the series.

Assuming a 24 episode series like the first, we have 3 episodes left after this one, so while we may take a one episode break in the next episode, I’d expect the final 2 to be the grand finale battle between the Flame Hazes and the Bal Masqué. We still haven’t seemed to resolve anything with the Silver, though. It just seems like a lot to go through in 3 episodes, but I suppose we can do it. It seems like we could have borrowed one of the Yoshida and Shana angst episodes from earlier to make time here at the end, but oh well I guess.


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  1. ey… uhm… can you change your blog’s theme into Shana? hehe..

    If I remember before, you have that feature here that you can change themes? Want to bring that back again?


  2. Yeah. the choose your feature thing is something I want to bring back eventually. I had to ax it for the moment since the header is larger, so I’m going to have to make new images for it and I just haven’t gotten around to doing it yet.

    And yeah, I really like the ending theme. May be the best shana ending theme yet. The opening theme I’m still “meh” on, though.

    And yeah, the last screenshot was hell to take since it happens so fast. Even doing pause-play-pause really fast (since VLC apparently doesn’t have a “step,” at least not on the mac version) it took me like three tries to get lol.

  3. VLC has no frame by frame function on any OS, and apparently never will. It has to do with how VLC renders the video and it apparently has no concept of frames (kinda annoying).

  4. Well, I guess that explains why videos sometimes get all blurry and mergy sometimes (though it being an older computer probably aids with that too)

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