Some anime review updates

I went through and updated the scores and reviews that are on my blog for several of the past anime series that I re-reviewed on my podcast.  Since I change some parts of my review and scoring for series when I re-review them, I usually need to go back and update those reviews on my blog as well, and I hadn’t done that for quite a while.  Those reviews should be updated now.

I decided to take another look and I re-scored my Rumbling Hearts and Last Exile reviews as well as re-reviewed DNA2.   The story with DNA2 was that I actually don’t have the written podcast re-review script for that series anymore, so I didn’t have anything to base re-reviewing that series other than listening to the podcast again, so I listened to my old podcast review of it and then sort-of kind-of based my re-review on it.

In any case, the reviews on my blog (as well as the alphabetical list and list by score pages) should all be updated now.

You may have noticed that I put up a review each day last week.  This is part of my project to catch up on my rather large backlog of reviews.  I was planning on doing it last month, but if you visited my blog very much last month, you saw that it ended up being a pretty bad month for me posting overall.  As a result, I’m going to try to post a new review every weekday in March, which will hopefully get me closer to being caught up.