Ajimu Kaigen Monogatari – Anime Review

The Essentials

Ajimu - Kaigen MonogatariName: Ajimu – Kaigen Monogatari, Ajimu – Beach Story
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 4
Released: June 15, 2001 – February 24, 2002 (online only)
Based On: N/A
Director: Yasuyuki Muto
Produced By: ACTAS
US Distribution By: N/A

Major Japanese Cast

Hirosuke Nakaido: Akira Ishida
Yasuna Ajimu: Saeko Chiba
Kazuki Izumiya: Showtaro Morikubo
Suzue Takemoto: Yuko Miyamura
Yuuma Otomine: Mitsuaki Madono

Major English Cast



Animation: 5/10 (x 4 = 20 pts)
Story: 7/10 (x 4 = 28 pts)
Music: 9/10 (x 4 = 36 pts)
Coherence/Story Arc: N/A
English Dubs: N/A
Gut Score: 7/10 (x 5 = 35 pts)

Total: 119/170 (70%)


Ajimu is about Hirosuki, who is just your standard high school loser who’s never dated or even kissed a girl before. Then one day, he stumbles into the train station on his way to school, and on his way down, catches a glimpse of a beautiful girl. A few days later, he runs into her again, but immediately does what any high school loser does – flubs it up and creates a huge misunderstanding which leads to the girl screaming out that he’s a molester and getting a double slap to the face. At least he gets an accidental kiss out of the deal.

Hirosuke’s friend tries to cheer him up by dragging him along to a club where they meet up with a pair of high schoolers passing as college girls. There Hirosuke runs into the girl again and finds out that she’s a music performer at the club. Hirosuke tries to approach the girl after her performance, but she runs off again. Suzue, One of the girls that Hirosuke was hanging out with before, then shows up and tells him that the girl is Yasuna Ajimu. He goes to another one of Ajimu’s performances, this one at a beach, where he finally gets her to understand that everything on the train was all a mistake. What follows is a story of the two falling for each other, but still uncertain of their feelings, while Suzue attempts to woo Hirosuke, and Ajimu’s old boyfriend, whom she thought was dead, comes to take her back.

Easily the biggest weakness in this show is it’s animation quality, which is pretty dodgy all around. About the only time it’s good is if you have a close up of a character’s face – and if they’re not doing something like moving their head. The lack of quality can also be seen when Ajimu sings, as the lip flaps keep going, even when there are brief pauses in her singing and otherwise doesn’t match the singing.

On the flip side, the music in this show, both the vocal pieces and the background music, are a pleasant surprise. However, there is just too much weighing this show down. The story, while not bad, isn’t really anything spectacular or unique. Also, it’s hard to have much character development in 4 episodes, yet the story seems to be rather slow paced, possibly losing precious time it could be doing with other things.  For a short show, it probably isn’t too bad, but it could have been a lot better executed.

If you just really dig romances, and the animation isn’t a problem, then you might like this, but otherwise I’m not sure there is enough in this show to really warrant watching it.

First Watched: August 2007
Do I Own: No
Do I Recommend: No