Shakugan no Shana II – Episode 19

It’s episode 19, and Yuji is forced to follow Zarovee around lest he start consuming people’s existences around the city. But what is Zarovee up to, and how can Yuji let Shana know what’s up? And Zarovee isn’t the only denizen who has arrived at Misaki City either.

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The highlights of this episode:

  • Yuji realizes that Zarovee is a Jaeger sent by the Bal Masqué, something he learned from the reports from Outlaw. Jaegers are very weak denizens. This weakness makes them easy to defeat in combat, but makes them very handy for spying or reconnaissance since they are nearly impossible to sense. And they always travel with a Wanderer – a stronger denizen specialized in combat.
  • Zarovee tells Yuji that he must come with him or else the 5th member of their group, which is hiding within Misaki City, will start consuming everyone around him, and Yuji decides that he has to go along, and also believes that he can observe them more along the way as well to figure out what they’re up to.
  • While Zarovee is leading Yuji towards wherever they’re headed, Yuji sees Tanaka, who is out shopping with Ogata, and suddenly starts yelling. Zarovee tries to calm him down, telling him that he’s really going to start consuming people if he keeps at it, but Yuji just yells at him that he probably just has a trap set for everyone and then walks off. Tanaka realizes that Yuji was trying to get his attention to ask for help, and he grudgingly goes to Satou’s house and tells Margery what happened (who then relays the situation to Shana).
  • Zarovee finally brings Yuji to the battle area and says that he’s about ready to cast a Fuzetsu. Yuji finds this strange since, as a Jaeger, Zarovee shouldn’t be able to cast a Fuzetsu of any meaningful size. He then realizes the plan: Zarovee with cast the Fuzetsu to lure Shana to the area, and then when she arrives, Zarovee’s Wanderer will launch a long-range attack on the area, destroying the Flame Haze (all the while Zarovee escapes with Yuji).
  • Sensing the situation, Yuji casts a Fuzetsu himself and pretty quickly dispatches of Zarovee with his newly learned flame attack and with Blutsauger just before Shana and Wilhelmina arrives. With the situation deteriorating, Bifrons charges up for his long range attack. Shana tries to fly to stop him but can’t quite make it in time and fires a fireball towards him, deflecting Bifrons’ attack back at him, completely destroying the building he’s on and making one heck of a creator.
  • Despite both Zarovee and Bifrons being destroyed, Yuji still feels unsettled. Then suddenly a magenta flame circles around the creator that Shana just created…

It finally looks like we’re in the final stretch as we have two denizens biting the dust in this episode and an ominous ending to the episode with the crimson flame circling around. It doesn’t look like any members of the Bal Masqué we’ve met so far. Does this mean we’re about to finally meet Sabrac? And given that he’s given Wilhelmina all that she can handle, how will that battle go?

My answer from the last episode was also answered: Could Yuji defeat a denizen on his own, and the answer in this episode is “yes,” though it was admittedly against a pretty weak denizen. I’m not sure there is much else to really talk about in this episode, other than the fact that it seems like a set-up for (probably) Sabrac to arrive. Of course, after Sabrac, the Flame Hazes still have to deal with Fecor, Bel Peol, Sydonay, Hecate, (presumably) the Silver, and the professor (at the very least) and of course Pheles is still out there as friend or foe, so we still have quite a ways to go, despite only having 5 episodes left.