Right Stuf International Licence Announcement Tomorrow

Right Stuf InternationalNozomi and the Right Stuf International say that they will announce a new anime license at 3pm Eastern on the dot tomorrow. This one seems to be being hyped up quite a bit, so we’ll see if it’s something big.

Apparently a while ago, some people at Right Stuf gave 4 hints for new licenses. I’m assuming we’re only getting the first tomorrow, but I thought I’d go through the 4 hints an make my totally off the wall and probably totally wrong guesses:

Hint 1:

It’s “coming soon!” It’s a done deal. All will be revealed. Who will be happy?

Hmm. I’m baffled by the “coming soon” as it seems like a hint, but I’m not sure what it would reference. “All will be revealed” seems to suggest that it’s an additional part of a series which has already been licensed, which suggests When They Cry Season 2 or perhaps Shakugan no Shana II. Of course, the totally off the wall thought is Haruhi Season 2 with a simultaneous US and Japanese release. It would fit both the “coming soon” (as it is coming soon to Japan) and the sequel suggestion. Or I could be reading more into the “coming soon” phrase and it really actually means nothing.

I’m at a loss, but my off the wall guess is Shana II

This one will be a bit longer. The paperwork is now on my desk!

OK, a longer series, I’m guessing longer than 26 episodes. That helps narrow things down a little. Aria seems to be a good guess here as we have two complete series with a total of 39 episodes and another currently airing. It could be a Geneon rescue of Kyou Kara Maou! or perhaps of When They Cry plus the 2nd season. Hayate the Combat Butler is also possible. The off the wall possibility is probably the return of Sailor Moon. Les Miserables is also possible.

However, my guess here is going to be Hayate the Combat Butler.

On to clue #3:

This one I have a draft on now. Drafts are good, but they are not final enough.

OK, this one is playing on the word “draft,” which suggests it has something to do with writing or drawing. That suggests Sketchbook: Full Colors or Hidamari Sketch. I’d say Doujin Work if Media Blasters hadn’t already all-but-announced it. I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head which goes along this theme. My guess is Hidamari Sketch.

And finally…

And if this last thing goes through, everyone will cheer.

They’re not shying away from this one. My first thought would be a close-to-wholesale pick up of Geneon’s titles, either via re-licensing or perhaps picking up the distribution of those titles. That would certainly be amazing and would create much celebration. Picking up some of Geneon’s lost titles such as When we Cry or Story of Story of Saiunkoku could make people cheer as well. Right Stuf couldn’t possibly yank the Evangelion movie out from under ADV could they? Something like ef – a tale of memories or CLANNAD could fit the bill too.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it’s a wholesale pick up of Geneon’s titles. No really. Just the feeling of the hint feels like something of that magnitude. It would be awesome if it were true.

In any case, those are my (probably completely wrong) guesses.