Web Stats for February 2008

Yes, it is here again…the post no one but I and a few other people in the known universe care about…the web stats post!

First off, let me say that I’m writing this paragraph before I even look at the numbers, partly because, given that I only posted on 8 of 29 days of the month (my lowest since October 2006, when I also posted on 9 days), and I’m not expecting great numbers. So if the numbers end up being anything near what they will be in January, you can be just as pleasantly surprised as I am.

In any case, here are the numbers. Change from January in ():

Visits: 3,237 (-19%)
Page Views: 5,879 (-15.9%)
Unique Visitors: 2,494 (-14.7%)

That translates into 111.6 visits a day (-13.5%), 202.7 page views a day (-10.1%), and 86 unique visitors per day (-8.8%). Interestingly, page viewed per visit increased from 1.75 to 1.82. Perhaps it’s the nature of increasing traffic, but the more my traffic increase, the more 1-and-done visits I seem to get on average, and the lower my pages/visit stat goes down.

OK, so probably about what I expected. This is roughly the traffic I was getting in November and December of last year, so It’s not that big of a drop-off, but as much of my gain in traffic in January was thanks to Anime-Nano, it’s hard for aggregator sites like that to work if you don’t post.

On to more specific stats

My top 5 busiest days (in visits) in February were:

  1. February 29 (184)
  2. February 1 (173)
  3. February 7 (137)
  4. February 3 (131)
  5. February 9 (122)

Top 5 non-search engine sites from which I received traffic (in visits):

  1. Anime Nano (369)
  2. otakon.com (82)
  3. Sea Slugs Anime Blog (75)
  4. m33w Fansubs (47)
  5. Anime Banzai! (8)

Top 5 most visited posts (in pageviews):

  1. Otakon 2007 Pictures (99)
  2. Anime Review: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time – 94.7% (87)
  3. Anime Credits – True Tears Opening (60)
  4. School Days – Episode 12 [END] (58)
  5. Josh’s Anime Blog Podcast Episode 60 (54)

And my usual note: This may not be the best way to tell what posts are read most as many posts one can read without actually needing to click into the article.

I once again have visits from 83 nations, which ties three other months for the most. The United States, Canada, Philippines, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, and Singapore all had over 100 visits, while 24 other nations had double-digit visits

I got visits from 47 states and Washington DC, with North Dakota (4-straight offender) and Wyoming (2-straight offender) being their usual holdouts, with Vermont added into the mix (come on, Vermont!). However, California, New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Arizona give me the most love.

Looking at browser stats, Firefox holds pretty steady with 54.2% of the visiting browsers, with IE in a clear 2nd with 36.2%. Opera comes in at 4%, Safari at 2.8%, and generic Mozilla at 2.4%.

Looking at my server-based statistics, I had 834 podcast downloads (+13.8%), which is rather amazing given that I only released 2 podcasts during the month instead of my intended 4. Episode 60 was downloaded 110 times, which is the first time I can recall a podcast being downloaded over 100 times in one month. Episode 61 was downloaded 71 times.