Shakugan no Shana II – Episode 18

It’s episode 18, and Yuji continues to train, this time with Margery on how to execute some basic unrestricted methods. However, Yuji’s mother gets sick, sick, which makes Yuji wonder what will happen if he has to leave the town. This leads him to want to finally break his ties with Yoshida as she’s on “the other side,” but this just makes Shana and Yoshida angry. Also, a pair of new denizens decide to come to town…

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The highlights of this episode:

  • Two denizens, Zarovee (who can split himself into several pieces) and Bifrons (a very tall hot head wrapped in cloth) rendezvous and leave to find Yuji and “kill anyone who gets in the way.”
  • Margery Daw teaches Yuji how to create some basic unrestricted methods, such as creating a flame in his hand and use it to shoot down bookmarks that Margery sends flying around. However, afterwards, Margery is concerned that Yuji’s acting too rashly and tells him to take the next night off to “cool his head,” but does give Yuji Blutsauger before she leaves.
  • When Yuji gets home, he finds his mother sick, and ends up not going to school the next day to take care of her. Hearing from their teacher about Yuji’s mother, Shana rushes to see her immediately after school and Yoshida decides to make dinner to bring over (after Ike’s urging, who still wonders to himself why he’s still trying to set up Yoshida and Yuji given that he himself likes Yoshida).
  • Afterwards, when Yuji is walking Shana home, she tells Shana that he’s thought about what will happen to his mother after he leaves, and concludes that he shouldn’t worry since she’s strong and has friends who can help. However, Shana seems to think that what Yuji is saying is a little off, but can’t really tell how.
  • The next day, Yoshida drops by to give Yuji dinner again, but Yuji tells her that he can’t accept it since he doesn’t belong “on her side of the world.” However, Yoshida gets angry at him for seemingly rejecting her on the basis that her love for him is causing her trouble, and that he shouldn’t apologize for her loving him. Yoshida then leaves the dinner and runs off.
  • Yuji tries to chase her but Shana stops him at the front of his house. However, Shana gets angry with Yuji as well, telling him that she’s figured out what she had been feeling: it’s the fact that Yuji is lying to himself to try to make himself feel better about the situation, and that she doesn’t want to go with Yuji while he’s lying to himself.
  • Yuji walks towards the river to think to himself when suddenly he senses Zarovee, whose many instances are now surrounding him. Yuji wonders how a denizen could get so close without him noticing…

We have more developments in this episode (ah! how I like it!).

First, we have Yuji continuing to train up, though clearly Margery and Wilhelmina still believe that Yuji is trying to learn too much too fast, with Margery going so far as telling Yuji that he’s approaching training the wrong way.

Second, we have Yuji going around saying that he’s destined to leave with Shana, yet apparently telling himself that to try to comfort himself with the fact that that means leaving both his mother and Yoshida behind, and Yuji’s lying to himself is clearly unnerving to Shana. I’ll be interested where all of that ends up going.

Third, we look to be on the verge of another Denizen brawl with this denizen Zarovee showing up all of the sudden. The question is, where is the big Denizen that came along with him, and can Yuji actually defeat a Denizen on his own (it also looks like Zarovee is the denizen Yuji is fighting in the new open sequence).

We only have six episodes left by my count, so we’re really getting down to it. At this point in the first season, we started our next to last story arc with the arrival of Khamsin, so I’m expecting something similar to be the case here. In other words, the final pieces for the finale are about to be put in place.

Oh, and was I the only one kind of disturbed by the fact that this big totally non-human looking flaming denizen was standing there using a cell phone?