Shakugan no Shana II – Episode 17

It’s episode 17, and the information that Wilhelmina receives from Outlaw keeps getting messier and messier, but why? And speaking of Outlaw, Satou decides that it sounds like the perfect place for him to help the Flame Hazes out, but will Tanaka go with him?

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The highlights of this episode:

  • Sydonay suddenly attacks a warehouse, destroying it and killing the Flame Haze and humans inside and destroying one of the Flame Haze’s Outlaws.
  • At school, Ogata and Ike remark how everyone else seems to be acting strangely recently. However, Ike notes that Ogata and Tanaka appear to be getting along well and Ike suggests and Ogata ask Tanaka out to her next volleyball game.
  • Wilhelmina reports to Margery Daw that the information she’s gotten recently from Outlaw has largely been a mess and included many things that weren’t relevant. Satou asks Shana about Outlaw after being given an evil eye by Margery when brining up the topic.
  • Shana and Yuji continue to train, but Yuji demands that Shana increase the level of his training even beyond what she would like to do, saying that he has to get stronger as fast as possible given the situation.
  • Tanaka and Ogata both “forget” their boxed lunches the next day at school, where Ogata intends to ask Tanaka out to the volleyball game, but Tanaka goes out of it thinking of what happened to Ogata in the Fuzetsu during the first battle with Pheles. Ogata thinks he’s ignoring her and storms off.
  • While sorting through the latest reports from Outlaw, Wilhelmina tells Yuji and Shana about how Sabrac, the denizen who placed a spell on the Midnight Lost Child , is a freelance assassin who almost killed her, if it wasn’t for Pheles saving her.
  • Meanwhile, Satou asks Margery to allow him to work at Outlaw. However, Margery tells him about reports of recent attacks on Outlaws where everyone – including humans – were killed.
  • After school the next day, Ike notices that Tanaka isn’t leaving to go to the volleyball game and tells him about it. Tanaka then goes to watch. Ogata notices him and is motivated enough that it helps lead to their team winning the match.
  • That night in training, Yuji is able to feel Shana’s killing blow and is able to hit her sword away. Meanwhile, Satou meets up with Tanaka, who tells him that he won’t see Margery anymore and gives Satou the talisman Margery gave him because he wants to spend his future with Ogata.

It seems that Tanaka’s, and probably by extension, Ogata’s roll in the story are probably about wrapping up now that Tanaka has chosen to stop following Margery and to go back to being a normal student. We may see them again, but I’m guessing in a more limited role.

Satou, meanwhile, seems determined to work at an Outlaw, and I’m wondering whether he’ll actually get to or not, and whether he’ll end up running into Sydonay along the way. Speaking of Sydonay, this is the first time in a long time that we’ve seen him. If he keeps taking out Outlaws, you would think that a group of Flame Hazes would eventually feel like they need to take him out.

We also finally learn why Wilhelmina and Pheles seemed so close, as they were running away from Sabrac for several years together, with Pheles saving Wilhelmina’s life along the way.

Otherwise, it seems to be generally the same. Yuji’s training has progressed, but nothing really major seemed to happen in that regards.

The number of denizens that Yuji and the Flame Hazes are facing seems to be constantly increasing with Sabrac almost certainly showing his face eventually. Will that be when Yoshida uses her treasure from Pheles as well? It would seem to be a logical place for that to happen. If she does, what will happen to her?

In any case, we’ve now had several solid episodes in a row for this series as we seem to fully be back to what Shana is supposed to be.