CLANNAD – Episode 17

It’s episode 17, and the Choir and Theater clubs come to a compromise on an advisor, but it’s shot down by the Student Council. Meanwhile, Sakagami decides to start a daily service for Okazaki and Sunohara. However, Sakagami ends up having a run in with some old acquaintances.

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The highlights of this episode:

  • After the basketball game, the Choir Club proposes that they share an advisor with the Theater Club. However, the Student Council shoots the idea down as clubs cannot share advisors. In addition, all the recent stress causes Nagisa to collapse, resulting in her missing school for a while.
  • The next day, Sakagami comes to Okazaki’s house to wake him up, to his great surprise. However, Okazaki decides that if he gets the pleasure of being suddenly awakened by a girl, Sunohara could be granted the same pleasure.
  • Kyou continues to try to set Ryou and Okazaki together, though Ryou hesitates over it, feeling that she would be taking advantage of Nagisa being out sick.
  • Sakagami decides to walk home with Okazaki (and by extension Sunohara) after school, but Sunohara leads them into a bad part of town with a lot of gangs which apparently like to beat him up, using Sakagami as a potential bodyguard. However, sensing that Sakagami was uncomfortable there, Okazaki is able to find an excuse to get out of the area.
  • Okazaki visits Yukine’s library to pass the time, where she has Okazaki perform a spell that involves balancing two coins on top of each other. The result of this spell being that he’ll get locked in a gym supply room with a girl.
  • Afterwards, Kyou asks Okazaki to help her carry volley balls to the gym supply room, and get locked inside. Ryou accuses Okazaki of setting the situation up and thinks that he wants to sleep with her, but Okazaki tells her about the spell. Suddenly, Okazaki remembers a way to break the spell, which involves him stripping to his waste. Of course, Okazaki suddenly starting to strip makes Ryou think all the more than Okazaki wants to get it on, but Okazaki’s counter-spell works and someone opens the doors to the gym supply room.
  • After school, Sakagami wants to walk home with Okazaki again, but all the gang members from before show up to gang up on her. Sakagami starts to fend them off, but teachers from the school show up and the thugs run away. The teachers accuse Okazaki of starting the fight, but just as Sakagami is about to say that it was her, Okazaki confirms their accusations to protect Sakagami, leading to him getting suspended.

It looks like we’re still plowing through both Kyou and Sakagami’s arc. I doubt that the gym supply room situation was the conclusion to the Kyou arc, so I expect to still see more of her. Meanwhile, it looks like we’re nearing the end of Sakagami’s arc, even though it still seems there isn’t a heck of a lot going on there.

Nagisa being gone means that her arc will probably be put on hold, at least for the time being, though I’m wondering what all will get accomplished with Okazaki probably being suspended now. Not that him not going to school has stalled the story before, though, I guess.

I’m not sure how the Sakagami arc will end, but I still think that the Kyou arc could get messy as I think it’s clear that Kyou has a thing for Okazaki, and whether that will end up becoming a conflict between her and Ryou or her and Nagisa. I guess I’ll find out.