ADV Films Reschedules Releases

We finally have some new information coming out about this whole ADV Films mess with their licensing partner Sojitz.

ADV Senior Vice-President of Sales and Marketing Mike Bailiff has made comments about the situation, including explaining the lack of comments from ADV about the situation:

There are a lot of parties involved in any anime production, and that can complicate even the best of negotiations. Frankly we had to keep quiet in the interest of resolving this situation as quickly as possible.

Which is basically what I suspected the situation was, even if it was frustrating. While Bailiff didn’t really say what the ultimate problem was which caused ADV to pull it’s products, the fact that all of ADV’s products have gotten new release dates suggests that the situation is either resolved, or resolved enough that titles can continue their releases.

Up until now, 9 ADV Films titles have passed their original release dates: Gurren-Lagann Volume 1, Kanon Volume 2, Kurau: Phantom Memory Volume 6, Moonlight Mile Volume 1, Project Blue Earth SOS Volume 1, Pumpkin Scissors Volume 3, The Wallflower Volume 2, Tokyo Majin Volume 2, and Welcome to the NHK Volume 3.

All of those except Gurren-Lagann Volume 1, will be released February 26th (but, as Robert’s Anime Store Blog notes, due to shipping time from ADV to online retailers, the shipping date in reality will more likely be around March 4th). No release dates for Gurren-Lagann or Devil May Cry have been made, but it was made known that further announcements about those titles would be made later.

All other release dates appear to be the same as they were before (if not pushed up a little) and all titles that had been released previously and had stopped shipping will ship once again.

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