And Plagues Swept Over the Land…

All I can say right now is that I’m glad next week is spring break for my class.  This past weekend I ended up having the double-whammy of both needing to take the 3-hour trip to go to my class (part of the arrangement, since I work away from where I’m getting my masters, is attending 5 classes a semester) as well as deciding to get a cold over the same weekend.

The first thing that did was make me unable to record my podcast on Friday like I was planning to (unless I wanted to sound like Darth Vader or something), and since I was gone the rest of the weekend, I didn’t get the chance to record it afterwards.  Since I was pretty much down-and-out over the weekend as well, I didn’t exactly feel like working on stuff like trying to catch up on watching or writing reviews.

When I finally got back Tuesday, I needed to finish some homework, so I wasn’t able to record my podcast then either, and last night I finally was well enough to actually be able to get a full nights sleep.  Finally, tonight I have the last of my homework before spring break to do, so I probably won’t get much done tonight, either.

So, Spring Break will end up being an even bigger make-up week than it was looking like even before, and here is what I would like to get done next week. Shows with an asterisk are episodes that have aired (or will air by the time they’re listed) but don’t have a sub out yet:

Friday (tomorrow):  Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino 5, Shana II 17, CLANNAD 17.  I already have screenshots for these finished (actually they’re already uploaded) so all I need to do is actually write the reviews.

Saturday: Podcast, Shion 16, Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino 6*

Sunday: Shana II 18, Clannad 18.  More if I’m up for it, but we’ll see.

Monday: Shion 17, GSG 7*

Tuesday: Shana II 19, Clannad 19*

Wednesday: Shion 18*, GSG 8*

Thursday: Shana II 20*, Shion 19*

Friday: GSG 9*

Saturday: Podcast, Shana II 21*, CLANNAD 20*

From what I can tell, CLANNAD didn’t air this past Tuesday (lucky!) , so that’s one less episode to catch up on.  Also, Triad is slow putting out subs for Gunslinger Girl, so even though I have episodes 8 and 9 listed, I doubt I’ll actually post them (and maybe even episode 7) due to lack of a sub.  That gives me at least a little breathing room if I need it, as well as the fact that I’ll probably be able to post more on Sunday than I’m listing, though I may use the rest of Sunday to catch up watching other shows.

And I don’t think I’ve seen any of these episodes, past what I have listed for Friday.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve even downloaded most of these (to say nothing about the series I’m watching but not blogging).  My ISP is gonna come kill me after I grab all of these lol.