CLANNAD – Episode 16

It’s episode 16, and Sunohara’s sister has come to visit. However, Okazaki and Sunohara still have to play their match against the school’s basketball team. But who will they get to play with them? And can we confirm two more girls who may be interested in Okazaki now?

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The highlights of this episode:

  • Nagisa and Okazaki take Mai to her brother Sunohara’s dorm room to wait for him to come home. Sunohara arrives and sees Nagisa and Okazaki in his room and panics about them making his room their “nest of love” (which of course Nagisa strongly refutes). It’s also decided that Mai will stay with Nagisa that night, given that she can’t really stay in Sunohara’s room.
  • The next day, Sunohara and Okazaki ask Kyou to play in the basketball game with them, and she readily agrees. However, in exchange, Ryou wants Okazaki to come eat lunch with her that day. However, at lunch, Sakagami shows up to start a conversation with Okazaki about him being habitually late when Kyou shows up to complain about her being there and drags Okazaki away so he can eat lunch with her and Ryou.
  • Sunohara, Okazaki, and Kyou start playing their basketball game against the school’s basketball team, though they are playing the freshman as the team captain thinks that they’d get killed if they played the team’s starters. The trio build up an 11-point lead on the freshmen until the basketball team switches in the starters with about 5 minutes to go in the game.
  • However, the starters outscore the trio 12-0 in 4 1/2 minutes to take the lead. The trio get the ball back for one last chance, and as Sunohara tries to score, he’s covered and passes the ball to Sunohara, who is knocked down by the captain of the team. However, as he’s going town, he throws the ball at the basket, and it happens to go in, giving the trio the win. Afterwards, the captain remarks that Okazaki had “good eyes” and maybe he can still yet play, but Okazaki reminds him of his shoulder.
  • That night, Mai leaves to go home and says that she’ll come visit again.

Well, I’m not sure whose arc we’re in (still). I guess we’re kind of doing Kyou’s and Sakagami’s arc together as they’re both getting screentime, though Kyou is getting a little bit more for the time being. I’m still wondering what Sakagami’s arc will entail though. I have a feeling that Kyou and Ryou might get into it though if Kyou tries to go after Okazaki herself, even though she’s trying to set him up with Ryou right now.

At least the basketball game was somewhat believable with 3 pretty athletic players in Kyou, Okazaki, and Sunohara beating up mostly on the freshman team, and getting pretty much wiped on the floor by the starters, though they did get lucky and win in the end. I just wonder if the choir club will really give them their sponsor or not.

I’m kind of intrigued by Sunohara and Mai’s relationship. I thought it would be more of a “older brother annoyed by his younger sister” type thing, but it really wasn’t. It was like they were on really good terms with each other and Sunohara was genuinely happy to see her visit. I think one of the biggest mystery in all of this is sort of Sunohara and his past. Unfortunately I doubt it’s something we’ll get to have time to get into in the series.


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