Josh's Anime Blog Podcast Episode 60

Josh’s Anime Blog Podcast Episode 60Josh’s Anime Blog Podcast Episode #60 is now online! In this podcast, I review the the 2006 anime series Kanon.

This week’s Podcast Stats:
Download Size: 16.1 MB

Opening theme:
“Kotodama” by ALI PROJECT
Opening theme to Shigofumi

Ending theme:
“Kaze no Tadori Tsuku Basho” by Ayana
Ending theme to Kanon

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13 thoughts on “Josh's Anime Blog Podcast Episode 60

  1. Cute, I like podcasts but you should really make your podcast shorter and reduce the filesize even if the quality will be somewhat compromised =3.

  2. woah! Impz’s here! LOL! blog hopping! I like Josh’ podcast format. He can’t do that in 5mins to do some hefty reviews and rants. Anyway, that’s his style.

    Shana II has a new OP by KOTOKO! You should feature that in your upcoming podcasts to come, thanks!


  3. Thanks for your input. I usually don’t get a lot, but every little piece helps. I guess I’m glad that it at least has some potential lol.

    In any case, this ended up being a rather lengthy podcast (most of them run between about 16 or 18 minutes, at least since I cut out my “what I watched” section).

    Like rollchan says, It’d be hard to cut it down any further without just axing sections. I guess I could upload each section separately along with the podcast all together (I’ve toyed with that before). That would at least make it so that, if someone just wants to listen to a particular section, they could do that.

    Not sure how I would do that with the RSS though. I suppose I could either not include the segments in the RSS, throw all 4 files into the RSS (though I’d think that’d make it rather bloated), or have 4 different RSS feeds.

    As for the file size, unless you’re on a modem, I hope <20mb (usually <15mb) isn’t going to be a major obstacle for most people.

    As for the Shana opening, I’ll have a comment on that when I do the new Shana episode review…WHENEVER that is (probably Wednesday).

  4. My personal qualm is that most people’s attention span is generally around 5-10 minutes. Anything more than 10 minutes will usually drain people. I personally got drained by the 15th minute because I got a bit lost and tired after listening to the podcast. You could possibly break it up into two parts for easier access. :D Either that or improve it by posting two different entries after cutting the entry sweetly into half.

    Have fun podcasting =/

  5. Na. Persona may have been a “maybe watch” but never a blog. I’ll blog gunslinger girl….sometime. In fact, I’ll get back to blogging everything…sometime.

    We had the super tuesday stuff on Tuesday (duh!) which took up all my time that day, and I went down to class on Monday and swung by my parents along the way, so that basically took my weekend, and I caught up on school work stuff mostly yesterday and today.

    I’ll see when I can add more stuff. Hopefully only 1 out of Friday and Saturday will be spent on the next podcast, so hopefully one of those I can use to update the blog, but Sunday seems to be another school work day for me.

  6. I wish Obama will be nominated by the Democrats as their candidate. I think, he’s the right man for the job, as your President there, in the USofA. :)

    Audacity of Hope. :)

    I’ll be looking forward to your blogs, thanks.

  7. I disagree with Impz; I think the length is perfectly fine; other podcasts are far longer and people still listen to them. The only thing I may suggest is the cutting the OP and ED songs.

    Also, I don’t really like the background music because it’s slightly distracting.

    I think you’re doing a good job, although it’d be nice to have a partner (or maybe I’m just used to multiple people in a podcast =P). I have not listened to your past podcasts, so I don’t want to suggest anything that goes against your usual style, but those are just my thoughts.

  8. “Also, I don’t really like the background music because it’s slightly distracting.”

    Well, I could turn the volumes down on them. I’ve thought about doing that anyway. I just think it sounds dead without having something in the background, though.

  9. Then it’s your job to make it sound lively =P

    At least tweak the audio so that the music doesn’t dominate at any point over your voice. I didn’t really notice many of these moments, maybe a few, so it’s not much of a problem.

  10. I think sometimes it depends on how close the mic is to me when I talk. The music is at the same level in each episode, but I think sometimes it sounds louder than others because I’m a little farther away from the mic. I’ll probably play with it a little.

    As far as breaking the episode up into parts. I may not do that yet, but I may consider doing it at the start of Season 4

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