Kyoto Animation: Big Teases

While the announcement in NewType Japan still seems to be pretty definitive about a second season, what popped up on the official Haruhi website (and has apparently come back down) wasn’t an official announcement, but a live-action video about an event in the 3rd volume of the Haruhi light novels (I think I know what it is, but I won’t look because I don’t want to spoil it if I am wrong).

Sooo…we’re still waiting for any actual news like an official official announcement or when it might air, or even how long it is.

I also posted this in an update to the post below, but I mentioned a debate in the podcast about the show possibly being “2 seasons long” or something like that. Since I can’t read Japanese, I can’t say whether this was mentioned for sure in the NewType scans, but I just thought that it may be possibly a misinterpretation of the “season 2” announcement (ie, reading 2nd haruhi season as 2 seasons long or something). In any case, like I said, we’re still waiting. The 10th – really the 9th our time, will probably be the next time we might learn something new.