Anime Expo in 1 week

Anime ExpoWhile I’m not attending Anime Expo in Long Beach, it does start 1 week from today, and I’ll be paying attention to what things get licensed and the like there.

Of course, having just finished watching Kanon and with the news not too long ago that ADV Films registered the domain (for 3 years no less) has fueled speculation that they may announce a Kanon license at either Anime Expo or Otakon (I am, of course, hoping for Otakon since I’ll be there).

ADV has said in the past that they were going to wait to see how well Air did before they made a decision on Kanon, but given how well Kanon has been received in the US, maybe they decided that they didn’t need to wait. Or maybe they’re still waiting to see how Air does, but grabbed the domain while they still could. Air doesn’t even start it’s release until mid-August, meaning that if ADV does wait, any announcement on Kanon would have to be made after the summer convention season is already over.

And speaking of conventions and ADV licenses, why couldn’t they have waited a week to announce this: ADV Acquires 5cm Per Second.