New Feature! – Anime Credits

Tuesday already has it’s own thing – Anime and Manga releases which recently I have been able to keep up with for the most part. So, I’m adding another feature: Anime credits. This will feature opening and closing credit sequences from various anime. So far I have 25 collected on YouTube, so I have a good backlog of them, and I’ll randomly select a new one to post each week.

So, on to week one, and the winner is a credit sequence from an anime (well, a season of an anime) which I haven’t even seen yet – I just ran into it searching on YouTube:

Ah! My Goddess Ending Credit Sequence #4




Ichinichi owaru tabi
Kyou mo anata no koto
Daisuki deshita to
Sotto mune ni omouOmoikaeseba hora
Nakitsukareta hi mo atta keredo
Sonna yoru wo ikutsu mo koete
Tadoritsuita bashoFutari makuaketa SUTOORII
Hitori jya nai to kanjirareru
Sukoshi warai nagara mo
Tsunaida te waKitto kazoekirenu hodo no
Ai no yokan ga afuredashiteiru
Datte magiremonaku hoka demo nai
Anata to atashi wa
Koibito doushi nano
Whenever each day ends,
I secretly feel in my heart:
‘I loved you
very much today, too.’If I recall, look –
Though there were days when I grew tired of crying
I eventually reached that place
after spending many nights like thatThe story we have begun
Is not alone, and we can feel it
Even if we just laughed a little together shyly
Our linked handsWill definitely overflow
With premonitions of love
too many to count
After all, it beyond any doubt that
We are indeed lovers

Thanks to: Peardruid’s Blog