Surprise Box Set

Koi KazeToday I was surprised when I was doing my anime and manga releases to see that Koi Kaze was coming out in a box set. Not too long ago I had looked around to see if one existed or if one was coming and I didn’t see anything, so this kind of came as a surprise.

This was probably a middle of the pack series, but I believe it was the third one that I rented from blockbuster when I started watching anime. However, I only watched the Japanese version, and I had wanted to wait until I watched the English version to write a review. That time appears to be soon now that a box set is out and at a non-outrageous price (with tax and shipping I got it for about $50 on circuit city).

Of course this reminds me of all the series I have yet to write reviews on, including Ai Yori Aoshi, The World of Narue, and Please Twins – which I have no excuse over since I own them all. I’ve also received Porco Rosso and Akira from blockbuster (cause they refuse to send me any of the top 6 discs in my queue, even though 4 are listed as available now) so those should be coming in not too long (assuming I don’t get majorly busy).

As for series I’m currently watching, I have 3 discs (and the second movie) left in Cardcaptor Sakura. I also have two discs left in Ah! My Goddess (though blockbuster lists volume 5 as “coming soon” even though the sixth disc has already been released).