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dna2The Essentials

Name: DNA2, Dokokade Nakushita Aitsuno Aitsu
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Science Fiction
Episodes: 15 (12 TV, 3 OVA)
Released: TV: Oct. 7, 1994 – Dec. 23, 1994; OVA: 1995
Based On: DNA2 manga series by Masakazu Katsura
Director: Jun’ichi Sakata
Produced By: Bandai, Nippon TV


Character Japanese Cast English Cast
Junta Momonari: Keiichi Nanba Liam O’Brien
Karin Aoi: Miina Tominaga Jessica Calvello
Ami Kurimoto: Hiroko Kasahara Rachael Lillis
Ryuji Sugashita: Takehito Koyasu Tom Wilson
Tomoko Saeki: Megumi Hayashibara Veronica Lake
Kotomi Takanashi: Hekiru Shiina Lotus
Oharu: Eiko Yamada Barry Banner
Yokomori: Ryunosuke Ohbayashi Tristan Goddard
Lulara Kawasaki: Sakiko Tamagawa Rebecca Miriam
Mori: Jun Hazumi Michael Alston Baley


DNA2 is about the typical high school loser, Junta, who runs into Karin, who has come from the 100 years in the future. Her mission is to find the so-called “Mega-Playboy” who is destined to father 100 children, passing his Mega-Playboy jeans on to them, causing each of them to have 100 children, and so forth. This obviously creates a massive population boom and it is Karin’s job to shoot the original Mega-Playboy with a bullet filled with DNA Control Medicine to re-write the Mega-Playboy’s DNA so that he becomes a normal person before he even has the chance to father any children.

Unfortunately for Junta, Karin identifies him as the future Mega-Playboy and shoots him with her bullet. The only problem is that Karin took the wrong bullet back with her – a bullet which, instead of wiping the Mega-Playboy DNA from Junta, turns him into the Mega-Playboy. Luckily for Karin, Junta’s DNA isn’t stable immediately after shooting him, and she spends the rest of the series trying to fend of Junta’s Mega-Playboy side while at the same time trying to hook him up with his childhood friend Ami, hoping that her influence will but the Mega-Playboy DNA within Junta into submission.

Dna2 was the first full anime series I ever watched, and to me it left a good impression as can be best evidenced by the fact that I’m still watching anime.

I thought this show was pretty funny, with comedy being the primary base of the series, at least through the first 8 or 9 episodes or so. However, the series takes a much darker turn in the final 6 episodes or so. One might think that switching from primarily a comedy to primarily a drama in the middle of the series would be an issue, but I actually think it works pretty well as the series switches over from the hilarity that ensues with Junta fighting his Mega-Playboy side and transitions into a pair of story arcs which deals with the danger of DNA manipulation and a conspiracy in the future to use the Mega-Playboy’s powers for their own purposes.

This is definitely an older series, running in 1994, so some parts may not be as high a quality as more recent series, but the story is still pretty solid overall. Given when it was released, I don’t think the music was about average, and I think the animation is actually pretty good. The English dubs I think were also done fairly well.

Overall, I think this is a series that quite a few people might enjoy. The switch in genre in the middle may turn off those who would watch the series for one genre or the other, but I think all-in-all quite a few people would enjoy this series.


Animation: 4/5
Story: 5/5
Music: 4/5
Dub: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

First Watched: August, 2005
Do I Own: Yes
Do I Recommend: Yes


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